May 4, 2016
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John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

10 Comments on Create an Email Newsletter Template Part 1

  1. This is a typical spam email template, I don´t like it at all. Those are suppose to sell not make people erase the email as soon as they see them.

    I will make mine much more interesting! But it is a very good tutorial!


  2. Veloci thanks for your opinion, but I think any template can be used as spam or be spammy depending on how you use it. But this is just supposed to be a basic tutorial to get someone started on creating their own templates. I hope this succeeds at least on the point of giving someone ideas… hopefully not spammy ones! haha

  3. Hey John,

    Great tutorial, I have a better grasp on designing my next newsletter becuz of you. Thank you…

    Did you ever get around to doing a tutorialon using the slice tool to dice it up?

  4. hi! did you already posted your tut about putting things up into an html the continuation of your previous tut i am really excited to learn! can you send me an email regarding on the next tut thanks! :)

  5. HI,

    Thanks for this wonder full article.I m beginner and i would request if u can right few more articles like this which would be great help for us.

  6. This is a great tutorial to build an awesome newsletter! Just keep in mind that many B2B newsletters don’t use background images, because of the outlook.
    if you want to design newsletter, but don’t know where to start, check out to see other people’s newsletter

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