Your Name In-Lights Text

Ever wanted your name in lights? Well with this easy Photoshop tutorial it’s possible! Put your name in lights!
Your Name In Lights Text


Firstly make a new document in Photoshop, you can use any old size. I’ll be using a size of 400 x 200 pixels 😉
Now make a suitable background for the lights text.
Blurred Background
You can make this background effect with filters by following these simple steps:

  1. Reset colors to Black and White then apply Filter > Render > Clouds.
  2. Apply Filter > Noise > Add Noise with these settings.
  3. Now apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur using these or similar settings.
  4. Add color (CTRL+U) then Brightness & Contrast (Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast)
  5. Repeat Filter > Blur > Motion Blur.

And now you should have a pretty nice background effect.


The next thing to do is write out your text. Using #f1aa12 and a nice, large font write out your text on the canvas. I wrote out “FAMOUS.”
Written Text
The font I used above is Arial Black, size 82 pt. Right-click the layer in the layer’s pallette then go into the Blending Options. Use the following layer styles:

  1. Drop Shadow
  2. Inner Shadow
  3. Bevel and Emboss
  4. Gradient Overlay

And now you should have a nice-looking text effect like this:
After Applying Layer Styles

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