Yet Another Year in Review Article: ASP .NET

A long time ago, in likely this very galaxy, a clever journalist had a looming deadline somewhere around late December or early January. With management standing above and breathing down his neck, this journalist created the first ever Year in Review article. Since that time, the art of the Year in Review article has been copied, improved upon, mastered, and just plain butchered. However, it has become and will remain a timeless tradition. Peter Vogel apparently appreciates this tradition (or had a deadline to meet), and wrote up an article of the same type covering ASP .NET in twenty-oh-ten for Visual Studio Magazine.

Peter led off with the lack of news and/or improvements with the server side of ASP .NET, and how, specifically, ASP .NET 4.0’s release had very little change in that regard. However, Peter did relive the client-side highlights of the latest version of ASP .NET (improved web.config file, Visual Studio improvements, and URL routing), which we also covered previously here. Vogel also highlighted another improved item in 2010: the ASP MVC framework. DevWebPro managed to cover these improvements throughout the year. Among other things Peter discussed was Microsoft’s acceptance and inclusion of jQuery, as well as various strategic moves with Silverlight. Of course, 2010 wasn’t a year full of nothing but rainbows and butterflies for ASP .NET, as it saw its fair share of vulnerabilities.

Holding true to the Year in Review genre, it’s time to look ahead to what oh-eleven will bring for ASP .NET. The overall market’s continued push toward the cloud will continue to grant web languages more relevancy. The cloud and mobile computing devices need ASP .NET to deliver dynamic and rich content. As this demand becomes larger and more complex, so too, hopefully, will ASP .NET grow to meet the demands.

Be sure to post your predictions in the comments here, and I’ll be sure to give you credit in next year’s recap!

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By Michael Marr

Michael Marr is a staff writer for WebProNews

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