Yet Another Glossy Plastic Button Tutorial

Ok I know there are probably millions of glossy buttons out there, but can you really ever have too many buttons? I didn’t think so. So just sit back and enjoy another glossy button tutorial. This tutorial is very easy and should be easy enough for anyone’s skill level.

Here is the button I will be showing you how to make:

Start a 250X100px canvas with a white background.

In a new layer make a black rounded rectangle in the middle of your canvas with a 20px roundness.

Add these blending options:

Outer Glow

Bevel and Emboss


Gradient Overlay


Now I am going to create some vertical lines with the halftone pattern filter, but
first you want to choose some colors for your background and foreground.

In your tools palette pick #006dc2 as your first color and #0082fa as your second

Start a new layer above the others and fill in your canvas with your paint bucket tool

Now go to filter>>sketch>>halftone pattern

Use these settings

Now rotate that layer so the lines are vertical and duplicate it so they cover your whole button

Merge your layers together you just made and still on that layer use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+t on a windows system to transform it.

Right click on the layer in the canvas and click “skew”

Now click at the top middle and drag to the right so that the lines start getting diagonal

Do the same thing to the bottom but drag left.

Now I am going to cut out the part to fit over the button.

So I am going to ctrl+click on the little icon beside the button layer so it will highlight the part we need

Now click back on your diagonal line layer and cut out the part you need and paste it back in. Delete the left over layer.

Position the part we cut out back to its original position and set its blending mode to overlay

Now to make it glossy create a new layer and get your elliptical shape tool and change your color to white. Draw a white circle like this

Now cut out the part you need like we did in previous steps

Add a layer mask to the layer and use your linear gradient tool to drag upwards to create the glossy shine

That is your basic button, but i’m going to add a few finishing touches like a reflection and some text.

Here is my final plastic glossy button

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