Yahoo Posts June Dev Network Events

It’s time for developers who are Yahoo fans and would like to do something developer-y this month to pull out their calendars.  Yahoo’s released a schedule of Yahoo Developer Network events that will take place in June, and in terms of both subject matter and geographic spread, there’s something for almost everyone.

Here’s a quick run-through of the names of these events: Echelon, Open Source Bridge, Scandinavian Web Developer Conference, Launch48, Texas JavaScript, Web Directions @Media 2010, Yahoo Merchant Summit, Science Hack Day, Velocity, Converge SE, and Hadoop Summit.

As for the physical locations of the events, spots include California, England, Oregon, Singapore, South Carolina, Sweden, and Texas.

Have fun if you can make it to one or more of these meetings, and at least look for any important news that might come out of them if you can’t.

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By Doug Caverly

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