Yahoo Opens Updates Firehose

Yahoo announced the initial release of the Yahoo Updates Firehose, which lets developers access and search the full, real-time index of Yahoo Updates. Yahoo Updates aggregates social updates from Yahoo, and various other social properties.

The firehose feed aggregates activities like:

– 150,000+ ratings a day (including those from Yahoo! News, Buzz, Movies, Travel, TV and more),

– 8,000+ reviews a day (including Yahoo! Local, Shopping, Cricket, Travel and more),

– 750,000+ comments/day (including Yahoo! News, Buzz, Sports, OMG stories and more),

– status updates,

– Flickr uploads,

– Delicious bookmarking,

– Open App activity,

– YouTube favoriting,

– listening,

– and many, many others.

Developers can use YQL to query the firehose for common keywords used across all updates, updates from a specific application, updates of a specific language, updates associated with a location, updates associated with a specific URL, and updates of a specific type (status updates, ratings, comments, reviews).

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By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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