Yahoo Discusses Fantasy Sports API

For sports fans, it’s that time of year again: the time when tennis, basketball, hockey, and soccer events all compete for a person’s attention, causing individuals to spend hours on end thinking about athletes and matchups’ outcomes.  So developers might do well to take advantage of Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports API.

Yahoo’s API is just focusing on baseball and football for starters, but Yahoo is seeking developers’ feedback in a big way.  Otherwise, a post on the Yahoo Developer Network Blog stated, “[Y]ou’ll be able to access information for our Football and Baseball Draft & Trade games, covering such areas as player and team stats, league standings and scoreboards, configuration information, and so on. You can also actively use the services to edit lineups and add/drop players from free agency.”

The post then continued, “We’ve also created several YQL bindings to let prospective developers get a flavor of what data we have to offer without going through the formal procedure of constructing OAuth requests.  You can find these through the YQL console as part of the fantasysports data tables.”

So consider getting to work in preparation for the next big wave of sports mania.

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By Doug Caverly

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