Yahoo Cheers OAuth At f8

The f8 conference was, of course, Facebook’s show, and the big social network (rightfully) got a lot of attention for holding it and making some important announcements.  A Yahoo representative attended the conference, too, though, and he was proud to talk about open standards.

Allen Tom wrote on the Yahoo Developer Network Blog, “Yahoo! was a very early supporter of OAuth, and we’re really happy to see OAuth become the industry standard for API authorization, with support from many service providers including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, MySpace, Netflix, and now most recently… Facebook.”

Tom then continued, “OAuth is about lowering friction for developers to engage with APIs.  Before OAuth, developers had to read really bad documentation to learn proprietary terminology, use difficult signature algorithms, and perform weird browser gymnastics just to call an API.”

So direct a positive thought or two towards Yahoo the next time you’re developing something for Facebook.  Yahoo may not have grabbed as many headlines, but it’s made an effort to help developers all the same.

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By Doug Caverly

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