Xperia Play Developer Training Videos Announced

Developers who want to make games for the Xperia Play and happen to be visual learners are in luck.  Sony Ericsson has announced the availability of training videos that are designed to help everyone get started and pick up some valuable skills.

The videos are available through design3, a game development portal.  Unfortunately, a subscription’s required to see everything, but it’s just $20 per month, which isn’t too bad given that design3 has Sony Ericsson’s blessing and offers HD video.

A post on the Sony Ericsson Developer Blog even explained, “design3 has a great deal of existing material on Android development, multi-touch and accelerometer input scripting, and basic and intermediate Unity skills, and they’ll also be offering a video tutorial on Unity’s Xperia PLAY input API in the future.”

The post also stated, “design3’s first piece of advice to developers is to use the Unity engine, which provides an easy way to get games onto a device like the Xperia PLAY.  Not only is the Unity Engine flexible and easy to learn, it also supports three scripting languages: JavaScript, C#, and a dialect of Python called Boo.  In addition, Sony Ericsson’s partnership with their Union initiative makes it easier for developers to get their games distributed.”

That’s pretty helpful advice.  Hopefully developers who visit design3 will find more of the same.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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