WSJ Documents Demand For Developers

Every publication gets things wrong on occasion; a reporter might misspell a person’s name here, or skip an apostrophe there.  But the Wall Street Journal has an excellent reputation in terms of overall accuracy, and so mobile app developers may be interested to know that a new article focuses on a high demand in their field.

Joe Light cited recent changes at Gowalla, Hearst,, Ning, Pivotal Labs, 360mind, and Where in order to prove this point.  He also tossed in a study from Gartner, trends related to, and an observation from a partner at Spark Capital.

Light then concluded after studying all this info, “The intense competition for mobile engineers, which affects large companies and fast-growing start-ups alike, is emerging as a key bottleneck as companies scramble to capitalize on the fast growth of smartphones and other mobile devices.”

That’s great news for developers.  The people Light spoke to have seen salaries increase and not-entirely-qualified devs get hired with the understanding that they’ll receive on-the-job training.

Good luck if you decide to update your resume and/or fill out an application or three.

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By Doug Caverly

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