Write Faster AJAX with Google Web Toolkit

Google have produced a whole range of amazing tools for various uses in business and for personal use. In fact, their tools excel in diversity due to the number of applicable uses covered. For programmers whom struggle with cutting development time when coding in AJAX, Google offers a free tool that solves this problem.
The tool is a called Google Web Toolkit. It’s built on an open source framework which is the leading development choice nowadays for programmer tools. Open source invites coders to wield their digital magic and write extras to enhance tools.

Take a look at the video:

The advantage here is that AJAX applications can be developed quicker and with less chance of consistent errors.
Interesting facts for programmers on features:

  • Reduces the learning curve on web application development
  • Cross-browser compliancy on all functions
  • Asynchronous Remote procedure calls more efficient between application and server
  • Widget panels easy to manage
  • History management and service layer work easier
  • Debugging is a simpler process
  • Event tracker that allows you to catch events on the client machine

The idea is to allow applications to be created easily by programmers with varying skills in AJAX and Java. The tool is fantastic at creating front-end applications like database programs and you can create an AJAX application while still using Java. The Java in turn is then converted to JavaScript and embedded into an HTML page.
The best programmers need the best tools. Though, it’s also about development time and hitting deadlines that can often be very tight in the world of IT. So, the need to create high performance applications more efficiently is always a requirement. Programmers can write the Java code and compile it into optimized code. By optimized, I mean cross browser compatibility that avoids HTML errors popping up.
It would be useful if Google produced a plug-in to allow developers to contribute further. For example, UI development is restricted. Though like the Android platform for phones and most SDKs such as the iPhone SDK, Google web toolkit will continue to attract new ideas for patches and application integration.
Much development time is lost dealing with browser related issues and maintaining the code at work. So, Google Web Toolkit helps here by reducing the time consumption spent building code and checking for errors.

I recommend application developers looking to test the functionality of Google Web Toolkit to try out a tutorial. This one on the IBM site will allow you to test the full functions and capabilities while teaching you the inner working of this AJAX tool . You will need Apache Derby for the tutorial which can be downloaded here

If writing AJAX applications is a month to month task, as a developer you should check out this tool and join the developers’ community at Google Groups. Before you embark on using the tool check the contributor’s guide
Your AJAX coding days just became easier.

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