World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Wallpaper

In antisipation of the newest up coming expansion of World of Warcraft. I decided to make a new wallpaper for Wrath of The Lich King.

Start by opening a new document at 1024 x 768( or whatever resolution your screen maybe). Next you will need to grabe these two files (The Rust file that will serve as the base of the walpaper and The Wrath of The Lich King home page screen Capture and finally what we are going to use as the Land of Ice.)

Now add the rust file to your document and rename the layer “base”. Next hit CTRL+U, select the colorize tab. Set the Hue to 207, The Saturation to 35, and the Lightness to -65 and hit OK.

You should have a nice blue base now like below.

Now we need to add the “Land of Ice” Layer. Add your LandofIce.jpg file and Name the layer Land of Ice. Now set the layer blend to Soft Light. You should have this look now.

Next make a new layer and fill it with black Name is “Dark Gradient”. Also set the Blend mode to Soft light. Now add a Gradient overlay. Set the Blend to Overlay and make the Gradient from Black to white.

This should be the result:

Now add the “Warth of The Lich King” screen shot. Then select the side that has The Lich King and copy it into a new layer and hide the full screen shot because we are going to use one more element to it later. Name new Layer “Arthas”. Then select your eraser tool and set the opacity to 10 – 20% and begin to blend Arthas into the back ground until you have something close to this:

Now that we have arthas added we are almost finished. The next set is to create the boarder. Now take the screen shot layer and move it above the “Arthas” layer.

We are going to use the right hand side as the new boder. Grab your pen tool and drag out some guides like below:

At each guide intersection add an anchor. Once you have your full selection make a new layer and call it Bottom. Then CTRL+Click your workpath and fill it with black. Then we are going to overlay the the “Bottom” with the screenshot border. Grab the small gray bar and use it as the outer part of our bottom section. Now grab the the inner portion and use it as the inner part of our border. Now merge those elements together and get rid of the excess. Then you should get something close to this:

Now duplicate that layer and flip it vertically and move it to the top of our wallpaper. Like This:

Now add the new WoTLK logo to our wallpaper

Finally we are going to add some icicles. Now remove the icicles from there background and scale them to fit on the left hand side. Set the layer to Color Dodge and CTRL+Click that layer to make a selection. Now make a new layer under the icicle layer and fill the selection with white and set the Blend mode to Overlay and the Opacity to 60%. And you should have something like this:

Then duplicate those layer and mover them to the right hand side. Like this:

And we are done I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Here is the final with a link to my full version.

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