World of Warcraft Shield

Alright This time out We are going to make a cool World of Warcraft Wallpaper.

First hit CTRL+N to make a new document make the size 1024×768.
Leave the layer background as transparent and hit OK. Next
fill the layer with black Name the layer “Background”. Go
to your background layer and open the blending option panel. We are going to
add a gradient and a patern overlay. Select
the Gradient Overlay. Now change the colors to #0E0E0E for
your starting color at 100% opacity and your stopping color #7D7E7D with
an opacity of 75% and hit OK. Next download the pattern named s0nkite and install it to photoshop. Now select the Pattern Overlay make the opacity 58% and use the pattern you just downloaded and you should have a background like this:

The Gradient Overlay:

The Patern Overlay:

Next we need to build a shield so it looks like this:

Save the outline you made as a custom shape going to Edit > Define Custom Shape name it Shield. Now open a new Layer and call it “Shield Base”. Now fill your custom shape with black on the shield base layer. Next add this GradientOverlay:

Create a new layer and link it with the “Shield Base” and hit CTRL+E. Now add these settings to the “Shield Base” Layer.

This should be the final results:

Now create a new layer and call it “Shield Inner”. Now go back to your “Shield Base” layer and CTRL+Click the layer to make a selection. Then go to Select > Modify > Contract and contract the selection 10px and hit OK. Fill the selection with black on the

Next we need to add some blending Options. Right click on the “Shield Inner” layer and select Blending Options. First Select Drop shadow and set the opacity to 15%

Next select the Inner Glow tab. Set the blending mode to Screen at an 81% opacity. Then change the glow color to #FFFFFF

Now select the Color Overlay tab and change the Blending Mode to normal with #FFFFF as the color and an Opacity of 14%

Finally select the Gradient Overlay tab and select #000000 as the Gradient foreground and #7D7E7D as the Gradient background and hit OK.

Now Reverse the gradient and change the style to Angle.

Your shield should now look like the one below:

Now we need to make the Inner Jewel of the shield. Create a new Layer and name is “Jewel”. Now CTRL+click the “Inner Shield” layer with the “Jewel” layer still selected. Then go to Select > Modify > Contract and contract the selection 10px and hit OK. Fill the selection with #4879b3.

Next right click on the “Jewel” layer and select Blending Options. Then select the Inner Shadow tab and change the Blending mode to Color Dodge and change the color to #7DB9E7. Now turn off Global Light and set the angle to -72 and change the size to 40.

Then select the Gradient Overlay tab and change the the foreground color to #000059 and the background to #01009E and hit OK.

Then reverse the Gradient and hit OK.

This should be what you have now:

We just need to add the last bit of a shine to the jewel. So create a new layer and name is “Shine”. Then CTRL+click the “Jewel” layer and contract the selection 5px. Then select you Eplitical Marquee Tool and hold ALT to deselect the the part of the selection we are not going to use. Fill that with #FFFFFF. You should now have something like this:

Now that we have the base for the shine we need to add a gradient. Change the Fill opacity to 0% and open the Blending Options. Then change your foreground color to #4879b3 Next go to the Gradient overlay and Select the Foreground to Transparency, reverse the selection and change the angle to 118.

Your Shield should now look like this:

Now we need to add some custom brush like I showed you in a previous tutorial. I Chose the Alliance Lion Head and a Tribal Phoenix to fill my Jewel. Create a New Layer and name it Cut. Now with your custom brush selected click one time in the center of the shield. Then Go to blending options and select the Drop Shadow tab change the Blending Mode to Difference and set the color to #0200FF. Now set the distance
to 0, spread to 0, and size to 2
. Set the Inner Shadow to the same settings as the Drop Shadow.

Next select the Gradient Overlay tab and set the color as below and hit OK:

Then reverse the selection and set the angle to 180 and scale to 50%.

The shiled should now look like this:

Next go to Thottbot and pick some Weapons and Armor from the 3D Model
to use in the Wallpaper. Arange them how ever you like. Then add a 1px black inner stroke and a Drop Shadow. Set the Drop Shadow to normal and opacity to 100%. Then change the distance and size to 7. Now You should have something like this:

Finally Add the Faction Name which in this case is “Alliance” in the Morpheus
that World of warcraft uses you can get the font for free at Here is the Final. I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial.

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