Wolverine: X-Force Style

Okay bub unless you’ve been livin’ under a rock since last year you might know I’ve got a solo flick comin’ out next month. Got twice the action but unfortunately half any recognizable traits. I’ll give ’em a pass this time since they’re doing my origin story with that nancy boy Hugh Jackman. He’s done an alright job so far.

These are my X-Force duds done by artist Clayton Crain.

Let’s see how I turn out if we blend this shot a me with Jackman who’s getting way too much facetime. Nuttin’ wrong with a mask. Looks badass.

Slice this sucker open and pop the mask into the picture of Jackieboy here. Check out the color settings and balances. (Image>Adjustments>Color Balance)

Grab that Lasso Tool n’ draw in the piece of missing mask by my chin there.

Gonna be some shadow under there so draw up a selection of the shadow and use the color picker doohickey and pick one of those greens to paint.

Now my hair’s stickin’ out like Sabertooth just diced me. Choose the Smudge Tool and use the brush shape that looks like a sponge. Don’t ask me why just do it. Take it to that background back there and smear it around til it’s good and blended.

Now grab my belt and put it on. Ya gotta do the colors up just right like so. Might wanna turn down that opacity while yer at it there, bub.

Lookit that. Someone left their arm layin’ around. What kinda man shave’s his torso anyway?

Now that it’s beyond dismembered, match it up like you’ve done the rest. (Forgive, Logan. He isn’t the best of teachers on the faculty. If you use the magic wand on the outside of the cropped arm, it will create a selection around it. Ctrl+Shfit+I will invert the selection allowing you to paint inside the bicep shading it appropriately. You may want to do this painting on another layer to better suit convenience.)

Shut up, Chuck n’ get outta my head! You can do the same with the shoulder like the Prof just said.

(Image>Flatten and use the marquee tool to copy and paste the shoulder area. Edit>Transform>Skew to manipulate the section to improve the proportions.)

Since it doesn’t look like Xaver’s goin’ anywhere, we might as well finish this off. Use the brush that looks like this shape here and go across the area to match the light. You can use this fancy Blend Mode (pin light) to make it look like this.

And here I am, Bigger n’ Badder!

By Mark Rivera

Mark is an animator and ad designer for WebProNews. He has a passion for illustration and 3D art.

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