Wish Your Eye Color Was Different?

Ever wish your eyes were a different color? Just fake it with Photoshop!

Open your image.

If its not already a close up of the eye you will probably want to zoom in.

Take your Elliptical Marquee tool, and make a selection around the eyeball.

Since we don’t want the lid to be colored, take your Polygonal tool, hold the alt key, and make a selection around the part of the eyelid that you don’t want colored.

You will have just the part you want colored left:

Now that that part is gone, we can play around and color the eye. All you have to do is click the Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer at the bottom of the layers palette. Next, go to color balance.

Next, adjust your colors. I made mine a pretty bright blue.

If you want it a tad more real looking, just change the mode to Overlay.

And thats it! Easy right? Here are a few more:

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