Winner Of Google AI Contest Declared

Believe it or not, the 2010 Google AI Challenge is over, and the winners have been declared.  Congrats go first and foremost to developer Gabor Melis, the overall winner and a machine learning, NLP, data mining, and Lisp expert.

A Google site explained the somewhat unusual nature of Melis’s win.  “Whereas the Google AI Challenge has traditionally been dominated by entries written in languages like C++, Gabor has solidly taken the top spot with an innovative algorithm.  His entry is one of just 33 submissions written in Lisp, and is entitled bocsimacko.”

In a statement from his current employer, Franz Inc., Melis also addressed the issue.  He said, “Code shapes thinking as much thinking shapes code.  Lisp excels at being a non-intrusive instrument to quickly jot one’s thoughts down, while allowing the abstraction level to rise and the language to get close to the domain.”

Then Melis continued, “This coupled with a highly interactive development environment provides such a fast turn-around time from thought-to-code and vice versa – it makes writing code feel like writing English.  The ultimate result is having a domain so closely modeled that it is only limited by skill – not by the programming language.”

So developers who aren’t too familiar with Lisp may want to give it a second (or third or fourth) look.  Melis’s achievement is likely to cause at least a small surge in its popularity, and he proved that the language is more than capable of keeping up with rivals in some respects.

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By Doug Caverly

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