Windows Media Player 11 Inspired Menu

I am going to show you a quick way to make a cool windows media player 11 inspired menu for the web. This menu is inspired from the top part of the menu that media player uses.

Final menu

First start off with an 800X70px canvas. Just use white as the background.

In a New layer make a rounded rectangle with a 8px radius across the entire canvas leaving a few pixels of space above and below it.

Next just use your rectangle marquee tool to cut off the bottom rounded part of the menu so it is squared at the bottom.

Now hit ctrl+r on a windows keyboard to get your rulers out and then click in the top part of your ruler and drag down to get a center line on your shape.

When you drag it toward the middle of you shape it should automatically center itself.

Now cut the top portion of the menu off and paste it back in and position back in place.

You should have 2 layers now

On the top part of the bar add a linear gradient overlay through your blending options using these colors

Now I am going to add a glow to the bottom of the menu. So start a new layer and get the color #5ca5be which is a mid blue color.

Use your rectangle tool and make a small rectangle at the bottom like this

Now add a gaussian blur to it at 4.1 pixels.

Cut any of the glow that goes into the white area.

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