Why someone should plan a Project?

There comes a time when anyone, maybe you or me, will want to create a fantastic project. You might have a few ideas and the concept of the project, but you don’t know exactly where its going or what is going on because you didn’t plan or organize that project.

Why Humans Plan Stuff?

We plan things because we want things to be perfect, even though no one is perfect we want things to be as perfect as they can get regardless of the flaws or what we have to do to get to that stage. For example take Microsoft and Windows Vista. They wanted to be perfect yet they released to early and has the most bugs, thats why I stick with windows xp :).

Why do I plan things?

Great question, I plan things because I hate being in the position where I have a feeling I won’t finish the project it self. It’s bad practice to make up ideas as you code because anyone can do that. Doesn’t mean you’ll come out a success, then again there are some people who can do that and develop great software.

So I’ve been writing a series of articles related to this topic. It’s called “Long Term Project Planning(Part 2 releasing today). It’ll get you started on your Journey to planning a great and successful project for the future.

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