Why AppsFire Is a Good Idea

After obtaining my iPod Touch, I was immediately met with a dilemma. I wanted apps, but I didn’t know which ones to get. Oh, that’s easy, just go to the Apps Store and browse around. Browse 50,000 apps? Right. Good idea.

Not wanting to take two years to select the handful of apps I would probably use, I went a different route. I e-mailed my tech-savvy friend, also an iPod Touch user, asking for his recommendations. An iTunes screen shot and a few minutes later, I had his recommendations.

Apps Fire

There is an easier way. AppsFire, launched just today, offers iPod Touch and iPhone users an easy way to share and recommend apps. According to the introductory video, “AppsFire is a new iPhone service that will allow you to share your favorite iPhone apps with your friends.” The way it works is simple.

First, you must download AppsFire onto your computer. Right now, the program is only available for Mac users. After installing the program, AppsFire will immediately take inventory of all the apps that you have installed on your device.

From there, you go to your own personal AppsFire page—the page where you can both see your applications (on a virtual iPhone), chose the applications that you want to tell your friends about (or select all of your apps), and notify them.

To notify friends, there are four share buttons. The buttons are “social networks,” “e-mail,” “widget,” and “links.” The process is simple. E-mailing is a mere matter of titling your selection, inserting your friend’s e-mail address, and sending the e-mail—right from the AppsFire page. Social network shares are just as easy. Virtually all it takes is one click—and instantly a link to your favorite iPhone apps is available for all your friends and followers to check out on Twitter, Facebook, or Delicious. If a simple link to e-mail or share is what you prefer, that is also possible within mere clicks.

When you send the AppsFire notification to your friends, they will see the same image of an iPhone, loaded with all of your recommended apps. Remember, that you can control which apps your friends see. Thus, any proprietary apps that you own and would like to keep confidential, need not be included in your initial selection. Friends browsing your apps can click on any of the apps to bring up the download page in iTunes, and download it right to their own device. (No, they don’t get them for free, just because you “shared” them.)

The process and idea behind AppsFire is much like social networking customized for your iPhone. This will prove to be a simple, fast, and convenient way to get the apps you need, as long as your friends jump on board, too.

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