Where Does Web Development go from here?


As some might know I’m Lamonte Harris and I’m a Web Developer. I would like to shed some light on how I got started and how easy it is to start and learn to be a Web Developer.

First off if you don’t want to be dedicated to web development, then I advise you to stop here. I would hate to put anyone in any position they can’t handle meaning anyone with a full time job could do these things without any problems. If requires little effort with the correct resources.

Where do you start?

Well the real question is, Where do you want to start? Do you want to build a personal website, do you want to be a freelancer and program other peoples websites or do you want to just build websites for fun, just to know the information when the time is right when you might need the information?

Choose wisely or choose all the above if you want to become great at what you want for your future in web development.

Getting Started with building your Personal Website

When it comes down to the point that you need to build your own personal website for any reason, its just best to do it your self, why pay hundreds of dollars when you can get the tools needed for free? Isn’t that what most web developers are doing, using free tools to get your money, thats basically the philosophy that many web developers do to manipulate the buyer.

What tools to use?

  • Notepad++ – its a free syntax editor that allows you to create websites and any other code with ease, comes with a great FTP program built in so you can upload your web pages straight to your website.
  • Gimp – its a free graphics editor, but there are ways to get cheap software like old versions of photoshop on the internet at low prices, but this is the next best thing when it comes to designing. (Photoshop is a plus for graphics, if your have a decent budget, I personally prefer photoshop cs(8) )

I can’t program, where should I learn?

Anyone can program if they put there mind to it, there are plenty of websites that give you free tips on how to do certain things on the internet, its even free, I’ll list some websites I recommend and use my self when I come to a problem. You learn new things every day.

  • Google – My favorite search engine provides information on how to get data from google, (I’ve included one for HTML on some websites I find helpful.)
  • Tigzag – This website provides you with a variety of things: Html, CSS, PHP, Javascript, XML, Ajax, Web Hosting Tutorials, and more. This is one of my favorite websites when it comes down to learning anything from anywhere.
  • TalkPHP – This is a great PHP based community, you can learn and get help on almost any topic, It came down to a time where I needed help with math, theres always someone to help you. This site requires patients since everyones on different timezones. In the meantime while you wait for support theres a lot of articles and forum post to get help also.

I’m terrible at designing, Any Help?

Sure, designing isn’t a everyday task anyone can just get the skills to. Designing isn’t like any programming language, programming you can have the most sloppy code and if it works, fine then be it, but designing you can’t mess up or you will get bad critique and no one likes bad designing. I’ll list some websites that will help you design for your website (mainly photoshop tutorials)

  • Pixel2life – When I can’t find something on Google, I go here because they are one of the biggest tutorial websites online and they have just what anyone need to start off with web graphics. There are plenty more tutorials on P2L click here to view.
  • PhotoshopStar – This website provides you with different styles of designing, but I truly love the fact they know how to style there text (display fonts)

It looks like I’m set, where do I host it?

You came a long journey and most people either don’t want to spend much money, or want to spend no money. There are some advantaged where you could get a host at very cheap rates.

  • HostEvery.com – Very sleek web hosting starting at just $1.99/month with 10 gigs storage, 50 gigs bandwidth, pretty nice.
  • Oxyhosts.com – starting at just $1/month with 1 gig storage, 10 gigs bandwidth (great for small websites)
  • ZendFree – Just your luck? Free hosting, they are a pretty clean hosting company for free, its a post to host, but they have a baby plan so you shouldn’t be worried since you don’t have to pay.
  • Freewebspace.net – Everyones favorite place to find hosting, theres literally hundreds of thousand topics with different hosts, from free to paid recommended website to start at. They help you, some cons are some members can be very judging, don’t let them get to you.

I’ve used each and every site above, if you have any recommendations on starting out to create a website, or maybe I’ve missed some great resources you can share them on the blog. Also if you like please subscribe to the Feed Syndication.

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