Whats the Code Flu?

Welcome to CodeFlu.com

My name is Lamonte Harris, just turned 18, getting my priorities straight, learning new things “code wise” and like to have fun coding in general.  Theres no coding subject that I wouldn’t like to talk about.  CodeFlu will go from topics about PHP to topics about C++ and Python.

Code Flu will try talking about technical things also including cool websites, references and other things that has to deal with coding in general.  I my self like to buy and read coding books, I own a few books, from C++ to MySQL books.  I’m a web developer so I will get into topics such as CSS, XHTML, PHP and subjects like ROR which not many people get into.  CodeFlu is the sickness that I want to give all coders around the world a taste of what it feels like to have a Code Flu.

Whats A CodeFlu?

My definition of code flu is when a person who tends to program a lot, this person will want to know more about certain programming languages and expand his or her knowledge to newer programming languages and keep learning.  Anyone can get the code flu and I’m pretty sure a lot of beginners who start coding has a bit of code flu in them
Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy your time, CodeFlu will be here some time around and I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I will.


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