What Is Ajax?

Web 2.0, Rich Internet Application (RIA), Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) are terms that explain some of the new technologies that are changing the World Wide Web.

The name of Ajax is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, and it represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible on the Web

AJAX isn’t a new technology, AJAX is a JavaScript technology that provides an extra communication channel with the Web server. AJAX is one of the enabling technologies that allow the creation of RIAs, together with DHTML and other JavaScript techniques; with them, you can make powerful applications that can rival native applications.

Ajax Defination by Jesse James Garrett

  1. standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS;
  2. dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model;
  3. data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT;
  4. asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest;
  5. and JavaScript binding everything together.

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