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Hello everyone,

I would like to start off my introducing myself.  My name is Cezary Kubel and I’m a freelance web designer.  I have done many quality designs in the past and have used Photoshop in all of them.   Now, its time for me to pass down my knowledge to you.  Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be a web designer to try all the tutorials that I have showed you.  Nope, you could just be an ordinary person looking to spice up their photo.

All of the tutorials I have posted here in my blog are unique.  Meaning you will not find this exact tutorial anywhere else.  If you do, then please report this to me right away as another website has copied my content.

I try to simplify the tutorials as much as possible so that they won’t take you forever to complete.  I will also include in most of the tutorials, pictures related to the tutorial.  I might also do a video tutorial every now and then.

My goal in this blog is to provide you with quick and easy tutorials that everyone can do.  Most tutorials only have one requirement, which is you have to use Photoshop which you can purchase straight from the Adobe website.

Finally, I would like to thank each and everyone of you that have supported me through this whole process.  It is not going to be an easy journey, I know that, but my mind is set and I WILL help anyone out with their photoshop skills.  If you have any questions about any of the tutorials you have seen here, please feel free to visit the our support forums.  I will be checking in daily to help out anyone who needs it.

Thank you,

Cezary Kubel

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