WebOS 2.0 Developer Beta Announced

Despite what Apple and Google have accomplished, Palm still controls a respectable share of the mobile market, and developers can now start to play with the operating system that’s meant to improve its fortunes.  A developer beta of WebOS 2.0 was released yesterday.

A page created to celebrate the move declared, “We’ve got lots of new and updated features to make your apps more powerful and flexible.  If you’re not already in the Early Access Program, sign up today!”  (Email pdc at palm dot com to do so.)

Otherwise, Palm was quick to discuss improved multitasking, which comes as the result of stacking related cards together.  It’s possible to connect directly to Calendar, Contacts, and Messaging, too.

Then a handful of other talking points included the Palm Touchstone, HTML5 enhancements, services, and PDK plug-ins.

All in all, this makes WebOS 2.0 sound rather impressive.  Hopefully the jumpstart provided by the preview will allow developers to make the most of it.

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By Doug Caverly

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