Web Standards Update Brings HTML 5 Support

A team within Microsoft recently released an update for Visual Studio 2010 that incorporates support for HTML5 with Intellisense enhancements HTML5 elements and CSS3 declarations. We have reported that ASP.Net would be a good choice for writing HTML5 sites, and Microsoft confirmed a similar roadmap for HTML5 at MIX11; but now, you no longer have to wait for the next version of Visual Studio to integrate HTML5, along with CSS3, this update brings next generation web support to Visual Studio 2010.

Announced over at Scott Hanselman’s blog, the web standards update for Viusal Studio 2010 provides Intellisense support for numerous HTML5 features, CSS3 effects, and browser APIs. Some HTML5 features that are supported include the video and audio tags, new input types, accessibility standards, microdata, and schema metadata. CSS3 improvements include 2- and 3D transforms, animations, transitions, fonts, speech, and much more of the CSS3 toolkit. The Geo-location and local storage support has full intellisense and validation. Additionally, they also, somewhat surprisingly, offer up browser specific prefixs for the CSS graceful degradation and future-proofing.

Using this update for intellisense support in Visual Studio 2010 is a helpful way to be sure you are getting the HTML5 and CSS3 declarations correct through IDE feedback. Once the editor is setup to recognize and validate the HTML5 and CSS3, development strategies must form to take advantage of HTML5 in your projects. Following the instructional advice from Rachel Appel on using HTML5 in ASP.Net MVC 3 applications, along with a health dose of HTML5 Boilerplate and the lessons of Dan Wahlin on using HTML5 Boilerplate, will give you a head-start in the beginning of your HTML5 development on the .Net platform.

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By Taylor Gillespie

Taylor is a Staff Writer for DevWebPro