Web Development Blog With New Design

Alright guys sorry for the inactivity I’ve been designing this blog for a day or so and coding wordpress is a pain. I’ve got it all sorted and its all valid XHTML and it looks pretty nice. At the very top there is a RSS link that you can click (its actually an image) and it’ll send you to the rss feed. Hope everyone likes the new style and believe me its well worth it. No new design for a while, maybe an update or two but no new design.

As for blogging I got to post the second part of “Long Term Project Planning” article. Its nice, I’ve giving you a example that I will work with throughout each part I’ll be writing. Expect a part a week, and different posts throughout the week.

New plug ins, yes thats right I’ll be adding new plug ins to support my subscribers and people who comment on my blog, so it’ll be a “Do Follow” blog by the end of tonight. Look out for the updates and have a great time reading what I write about.

Lamonte Harris.

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