Web 2.0 Business Card

In this tutorial we will apply some nifty web 2.0 styling to create an effective business card. If you haven’t done so yet, consider brushing up on what exactly web 2.0 is by visiting out Web 2.0 Checklist.

This tutorial uses a technique described elsewhere at Photoshop Town, but you should be able to figure it out without going through that tutorial.

Let’s start by opening a new document. Standard business card size calls for dimensions of 3.5in x 2in and a Resolution of 300 pixels/inch.

New Document

Step One is the create the background for your web 2.0 business card. Set your foreground color to #e2e2e3. Now select your background layer and hit “M” to bring up your marquee tool. Make a selection approximately 4/5ths the height of your document and 100% of the width.


Select the gradient tool with “shift-g” and change your gradient to go from #e2e2e3 to white.


Now give your marquee box the gradient to create a horizon of sorts.


Now for the easy part, it’ll make you feel like you’ve really accomplished something! Go ahead a write your address and give it an alignment right as opposed to the standard left with the color #3c3c3c. Font selection here is only slightly important, while readability is key. I would use something along the lines of Lucida Sans Unicode. Place your address near the bottom right, but leave some room around the edges. When designing for print, and specifically offset printing you need to accommodate for the edges.


If you want, throw your tag line down at the bottom. In keeping with the web 2.0 theme, use VAGRounded BT as your font. Others will work well including Arial Rounded.

Tag Line

Hang in there, we are over halfway done! Time to throw together a logo and then its off to the printers.

Type your company name with the web 2.0 font of your choice, again im using VAGRounded BT


Duplicate the layer by right-clicking and selcting Duplicate Layer. Rasterize the layer by right-clicking and selecting Rasterize Type. Using your oval marquee tool select roughly the bottom half and press delete. Still following? Now double click the layer to bring up the Layer Style panel and select Gradient Overlay. Create a new gradient to match your text color, I am using #88b9eb.


Just about done, lets put a trendy mirrored image in there. Go back to your logo name layer and again right click and select duplicate layer. Press “ctrl-t” to Transform your layer. Right-click the layer and select Flip Vertical. Now move the layer below your logo name.


Double-click the layer to bring up the Layer Style panel and apply another gradient overlay using the same settings as before, #88b9eb to #FFFFFF but this time reverse the gradient.


Drop the layer opacity down to about 25%.


Go back to your original logo name layer and double click to bring up the Layer Style panel. Click on drop shadow and apply the following effect.


And there you have it, an effective web 2.0 styled business card!

Final Image

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