Waterfront Geishas

In this tutorial you will learn how to merge several images into one clean and beautiful layout. The main elements of this image are going to be the geisha and the surronding waterfront.

This tutorial is essentially an Composition piece. So let’s begin. First Download the Base image here.

Next Hit CTRL+U set the Saturation to +45 – 50 and the lightness to -25 and hit OK.

Now we need to add our next image. I decided this image of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand would be perfect. You can download it here. Then add it to our image.

Next using your pen tool make a selection of the skylike where the mountains meet the sky. Once you have the selection cut it to a new layer and hide it for now. Now using your eraser tool set the opacity to 20% and and blend the bottom of the iamge with the grass.

Now go back to the skyline layer we just cut out and make it visible again. Set the layer to Hard Light.

Now search for a building to go off in the right handside background. I chose one from Washington,D.C. but pick whatever you like. Since this will be yours. Once you have the image cut the build from it’s original backgrond and add it to our Composition. Once added Scale it down like below:

Now we are going to add the main focus of this wallpaper, The Geishas. You can download the I used here.

Next Add them to our wallpapper.

Duplicate the layer and go to Filter > Other > HiPass set the Radius to 10 pixels and Hit OK. Set the layer blend to Linear Light and the Fill to 80%.

Next Duplicate the Original Geisha layer and move the duplicate above the Hipass. Then go to Images > Adjustments > Desaturate or SHIFT+CTRL+U. Set the layer Opacity to 50%.

Now we are going to add a Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tree to the left of the Geishas. You can find real nice hi-res images by searching with google. Once you have your image or images cut them from the original background. Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur set the blur between 3 – 5 pixels and hit OK.

Now select all the layer and Duplicate them. Once you have all the duplicates selected again merge them with CTRL+E. Then go to Images > Adjustments > Desaturate or SHIFT+CTRL+U. Next hit CTRL+U and select colorize lower the Saturation and brightness til you have a nice Sepia Tone. Set the layer to Darker Color and the Fill to 30%

Now do a search for Cranes in flight. Once you have your image or images cut them from the original background. Scale the cranes down if need and give them a slight 2 – 4 pixel Gaussian Blur.

Finally Make a new Layer and fill it with any color. Set the Fill to 0%. Set your foreground to black. Go into you blending Options and select Gradient Overlay. Set the gradient to Foreground to transparent, set the opacity to 60%, style to radial, and the scale to 125%. And Your done.

If you liked this tutorial and you cam up with your own version link it in the comments and I will be sure to post it under the tutorial. Thanks ^.^

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