Watch Out the Demon Lady is Gonna Getcha!

Continuing with the Halloween theme I will be showing you how to make a demon lady from hell that is gonna rip your soul out and devour it for dinner! So you better check this tutorial out if you want to see how to turn a seemingly innocent picture into a scary demon.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials and Removing the Background


Link to demon wings on Deviant Art

Step 2: Open Main Picture and Make Selection

Use your pen tool or other method to make a selection around the girl in the main picture. Copy and paste it back in the document by using ctrl+x and ctrl+z keyboard shortucts. Name the layer something so that you know what it is. I will name mine Demon Main.

While you are at it, go ahead and cut the tail off of the snake and a horn from the animal.

Step 3: Demon Skin

Duplicate the Demon Main layer and hide one of them to have a backup copy.

Make a selection around the parts of her showing skin.

Leave the selection around her and bring up your levels tool with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+L.

Use settings similar to these:

I just took the middle arrow and moved it to the right a bit.

Next hit ctrl+U to bring up the hue/sauturation tool and use these settings:

As you can see I just took the saturation down to -51.

Open up the crater image and place it in the document.

Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+u to make the crater black and white.

Place the crater over her face and re-size it all around her skin and change the blending mode to soft light to blend it in. Erase edges that show up off of her skin with a soft eraser brush.

Now time to add some more to the face.

Open the tree bark picture and cut out various sizes of the tree bark and place them over her face. Make them black and white as well.

Set them to overlay or try other blending modes to get your result.

That is it for the skin, but you can take it as far as you want. I am going to put all of the skin layers in a group so I don’t have too many layers adding up. Highlight all of the skin layers in the palette and make a new group from the layers and name it “Skin”.

Step 4: Demon Teeth, Mouth and Eyes

For the teeth click on the Demon Main Copy layer which is the one we duplicated earlier.

Zoom in really close to the teeth and make a selection around the top teeth

Now take the levels tool and move the slider to the right.

Do the same thing with the bottom teeth.

Get rid of her tongue by creating a new layer above Demon Main Copy, zoom in and paint the color black over the mouth area until you can’t see the tongue anymore.

Make the lips black by creating a new layer and painting black over the lips and changing its blending mode to “color”

Now to make some demon fangs. Zoom in close to the mouth again and choose the Demon Main Copy layer again and make a triangle selection around her tooth:

Copy and paste it and move it down to look like a fang.

Do the same thing with the other tooth canine tooth.

Use the same method on all the other teeth to make them more jagged.

I made quite a few layers to do the previous step so I put them all in a group called Demon Teeth.

Now for the eyes. First zoom into the right eye and make a selection around the pupil. Copy and paste it back in the document.

Above that layer paint the white part of her eye black with a brush.

Create a layer above the pupil layer and choose the color #ff0000 (bright red) and paint over the pupil.

Set that layer to overlay and you should have a red demon eye!

And do the same with the other eye.

Step 5: The Burn Tool Is Your Friend

Choose the Demon Main Copy layer yet again and use the burn tool with a 65px soft brush set to 50%. Go between, shadows, midtones, and highlights to get a good result. Make sure
to burn over the areas that look scarred.

Step 6: Destroy the Clothes

In this step we will just use the picture of rust to make the clothes look like they are falling apart.

Open the picture of the rusty metal and drag it in your document. Also make it black and white.

Change its blending mode to “Pin Light” and use the levels tool again and drag the middle arrow to the right again

Now I will use a soft eraser brush to erase the edges

Duplicate that layer and experiment with blending modes. Also try putting some of the tree bark in there or the cement crater.

Step 7: DEMON HORNS!!!!

Get your horn you cut out and drag in in the document. Duplicate it and flip it horizontally for the other horn. Place them over her head.

I want to make the horns look like they are pushing out of her head so I will use my crater again and size it down over the horn like this:

Make it black and white with ctrl+shift+U, set its blending mode to “Linear Light”, and drag it below the horn.

To make it look like the skin is pulling back I will use a triangle shaped cut-out from the tree bark picture. Cut out something like this and put it in your canvas.

Size it down really small and zoom in to about 400% and place it around the horn.

Change its blending mode to “Hard Light” and copy and paste it all around the bottom of the horn.

Now its time to add some blood coming off the horns and running down her face a bit.

To do this I wll use a blood brush set I downloaded at deviant art. Download a similar brush set here:

Once you get that and install it start a new layer below the horns first and put a blood streak coming from under the horn down her face.

You can use any color or choose a mid to dark red color. I added a gradient to my blood streak and set its blending mode to pin light.

Now I will use the blood brush to add more blood to the current horn and the other one. I am going to use a few of the brushes within the brush pack and mess with their blending modes.

So after you add one, duplicate it, and mess with its blending mode trying pin light or others.

Here is the result I got after doing that

Step 8: Adding the Wings and Tail

The wings are really easy, just copy one set you like out of the demon wings I showed you earlier and place them behind the “Demon Main Copy” layer.

The tail is a little tricky because I want it to be behind her of course but I also want the tail to be in front of the hair and behind the wings. Sounds complicated huh? Well its not really. First just place your tail in the document above the Main Demon layer and position it where you want. I want the tail to look like its coming from her lower back/tailbone area.

So here is my placement.

Now that we have our placement set for the tail hold down ctrl and click on the preview icon beside your tail layer. This will make a selection around the tail. Once you have the selection
made click back on your “Demon Main” layer and cut and paste the selection from that layer back in the canvas. Drag that above your tail and position it over top of it like so:

Once that is done you will need to erase the part covering up the tail away except for the part of the body you want in front of it. Then just drag the tail behind the wing layer and you are done with that! You can add some blood and darken the tail some to your taste.

For the final touch I will add some shadow from the tail and the horns. You can use the same ctrl+click technique on the preview icon for the tail and fill it with black and use a gaussian blur or any other way you like to do that.

Thanks for reading.

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