VMware Introduces Cloud App Platform

Give another point to cloud computing advocates.  Yesterday, VMware demonstrated its support for their cause by introducing a cloud application platform, and developers should be pleased, because VMware has their interests at heart in addition to its own.

A formal release issued by the company explained that this move should allow “developers to build and run modern applications that intelligently share information with underlying infrastructure to maximize application performance, quality of service and infrastructure utilization.”

That should bring more users – and money – developers’ way.  Granted, getting used to a new way of doing things might be a nuisance at first, but the payoff seems worth it.

VMware’s a for-profit company with over 190,000 customers, after all, so it’s not like the cloud application platform was introduced just for the fun of it.

More information is available here if you’re interested.

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By Doug Caverly

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