Video Enhancement SDK Released

Glitches in videos are never good.  Indeed, persistent issues can monopolize a viewer’s attention, causing him or her to worry more about when the next problem will occur than the story or plot.  So a video enhancement SDK that’s been released might be worth a look for developers who deal in these matters.

One important note: evaluation versions are available, but it looks like people will have to pay up in order to get the full thing.  So don’t become too attached to the idea of the SDK if you’re tight on cash.

Now for the main announcement.  An official statement said, “STOIK Video Enhancement helps fixing common user errors in consumer video footage, and offers developers a quick and easy way of integrating a variety of video enhancement technologies into the project.  The SDK allows implementing noise reduction, exposure correction, color balance correction, image stabilization, de-blurring, de-interlacing, and HD upscaling techniques in a few lines of code.”

Later, the statement added, “STOIK Video Enhancement SDK makes it easy to process videos of any specifications.  Supporting all standard and custom resolutions, STOIK Video Enhancement SDK can process Web-sized clips as well as high-definition videos, converting one into another if needed.”

Let’s hope this (or some other solution) leads to fewer distracting glitches in video clips.

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By Doug Caverly

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