Verbatim Shows Off 'Smallest in the World' USB Disk Drives

Verbatim, leading manufacturer of computer memory devices, had a slew of products to show off at CES 2010. The Tuff-‘N’-Tiny USB drive, Titan SX portable hard drive line, and InSight USB portable drives were the highlights of Verbatim’s outing.

The first product showcased is the Tuff-‘N’-Tidy drive, which Verbatim is touting as the “smallest USB drive in the world”. The T-n-T line will be available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB – which will be available later in the year.

In keeping with the ‘smallest in the world’ theme, Verbatim showed off their Titan XS portable hard drive lineup. These devices are made with portability in mind. They will be releasing with 320GB, 500GB, and 640GB options. A 1TB (terabyte) version will release sometime in Q3.

The final Verbatim Item from CES 2010 is their Insight USB portable hard drive. While not being the smallest in the world, they have a sleek design. A “cholesteric” LCD display allows users to show a custom title, and shows the amount of hard drive space left. The product will release in 320GB, and 500 GB capacities.

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