uTorrent Begins App Challenge

While uTorrent isn’t always used for purposes that are universally approved of, most experts agree that the BitTorrent client is quite impressive from a technical standpoint.  Developers may be interested to know, then, that the first-ever uTorrent-related Developers Challenge has begun.

The submission part of the contest will run through August 13th, and as explained by a post on the BitTorrent Blog, “[D]evelopers worldwide are encouraged to create Apps that will highlight new use cases and redefine how uTorrent is being used.”

The winner stands to gain a $1,000 Amazon gift certificate, along with “prominent placement inside the uTorrent client” in return for his or her work.  Apps are supposed to be judged on originality, quality, appeal, and technical expertise, and a person or team is allowed to submit as many as possible before the deadline.

More info is available here for anyone who’s interested.  Good luck to everyone who enters the contest.  Just try not to fall afoul of the RIAA, MPAA, or whatever organizations are filing file-sharing lawsuits at the moment.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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