Utilize Typing on a Path for a Flyer or Ad

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to type on a path and use this photoshop feature for a print or web ad.

Start by opening the image file you would like to use. Here is my starting image:

There a couple of ways to set the path you will type along. You can either use a shape tool, such as the Ellipse Tool, or draw your own custom path for an irregular shape. I used the Pen Tool to outline this skateboarder. In the options bar, make sure “paths” is selected. Create your path.

Then select the Text Tool and hover over your path. The cursor should change to this:

Click and begin typing. Adjust your font and font size to what is appropriate. You can use the direct selection tool to change the shape of the path if necessary. Some of my letters are crammed together because of the paths angle, so I will go and edit the path a little bit. Also, the text on the right side is a little farther away from the skater. In the following picture you can see these two things.

Add the rest of your info on the flyer.

By Kristen Pace

Kristen Pace is a current graphic design student and intern with iEntry, Inc.

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