Using Layer Masks: Black and White Photo With Color

In this quick tutorial I wll show you how to turn a color photo to black and white then
use a layer mask to bring colors through.

Here are some other pictures I did

First download this photo or use any photo you want.

Duplicate your layer by right clicking on it and selecting duplicate layer

Now make your image black and white by using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+u or
by going to image>>adjustments>>desaturate on your menu bar.

Now your photo should be black and white as long as you have that layer above the
color picture.

Now add a layer mask to the black and white image layer. There are a few ways of doing
this. You can click on the little icon at the bottom of your layers palette or you can
go to layer>>layer mask>>reveal all

When your layer mask is on your layer it will look like this in your layers palette

Once you have done that grab a soft brush from your brush tools and make sure your
foreground color is set to black and paint the part of the picture you want to be

I am giong to zoom in on the flowers and paint them.

What is cool about using a layer mask, if you mess up you can hit “x” on your keyboard
to change your foreground color to white and put the black and white back.

Here is my picture with the flowers showing their color

You can go one step further and paint other parts to make the picture really stand out,
similar to how I did here

Here are some other pictures I did

Thanks for reading, I hope this showed you how easily this can be done!

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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