Use Photoshop To Help With Flash Files

<param NAME=movie VALUE="mario.swf"

Step 1 – Start by finding the source images you’re going to use. Below are miniature versions of the images I found.

Step 2 – First, we’re going to work on Mario. The first work you’ll want to do with Mario is to seperate his head from his body. Decapitation is always fun. Grab your polygonal lasso tool and trace around the head. Then click on Select >> Inverse. Press delete. Save your file as a PNG.

Step 3 – Now, create a new document roughly the size of your head, and body combined. Drag the head over, then the body. Now your body will be on its own layer. Shrink your body down until it’s obviously smaller than the head. You should have this…

Step 4 – Ok, create a layer in between the head and body. Use your rectangle tool and make a think and tall triangle that will act as Mario’s think neck. Then add this blending option..

and your Mario should look like this…

Step 5 – Combine your neck, and body layers. Then make Mario’s head invisible and then trim the image to get rid of all transparent pixels. You should have this.

Then backtrack, and make it to where only the body is visible. This is all important for what you’re going to do in Flash.

Beyond this point is all Flash work. If you’re familiar with tracebitmapping, tweening, and animating images then this is a very easy Flash swf to create.

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