Use Brushes To Paint In a Waterfall

For this tutorial, we’re going to use some advanced brush techniques to paint in a waterfall onto a mountain background. You can use these techniques for all kinds of backgrounds, so keep that in mind.

First, you’ll need a brush set. This is the waterfall brush set I’m using for this tutorial.

Next, find a good picture where a waterfall could add appeal. I’m going to use this stock photo. Feel free to grab it for your own use.

Next, we’re going to carve out the space we want to use for our waterfall. So draw around the space using your marquee polygon tool. We’re going to fill this space with black.

Now we’re going to add a pattern overlay, using these settings.

You should be left with this:

Now, we’re going to grab an eraser tool with a good fade effect. Trace along the edges of the cutout and get it to where it blends well into the mountain.

We’re now ready to add our first brush. Select this from your brush menu. For the color, I recommend using a light grey and play around with the opacity to give it a moving waterfall look.

Then shrink the brush down to a good size, and click once on top of our rocky looking layer. Then grab your eraser tool again and get rid of excess edges.

From here, add various brushes that really give your waterfall a random look. Just be sure to keep it clean.

From this point I’m going to add a brush to help fill in the right side of the waterfall.

Now we’re going to add the major segment of the waterfall. Grab this brush.

Splash it on your existing waterfall, and you should be left with this.

Grab your eraser again, and trace around leaving what you want left over. I recommend making it look like this.

For the final step I tweaked around with the color balance a bit but not too much. This is just an optional step, and here is my final product.

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