Uploading Files From Your iPad Using FTP

I recently became the new owner of an iPad 3G and, despite my initial skepticism when the device was first announced, I actually really like it. Truth be told, I actually like it more than my Asus Netbook. That said, if it can’t help me actually get work done, then it really is a toy. So I brought it along for my recent trip to Search and Social summit in Tampa to put it to the test. Whenever I go to a show I really try to take care of the heavy lifting before I go. But sometimes things just don’t work out that way. I had to take an image that was sent me via email and FTP it up to the server. So here’s how you do it:

  • Open the email and download the image
  • Once the image shows on the email screen, hold your finger down on it and  the save dialog box will appear
  • Save the image
  • Close your email and open FTP on the go app (it costs $7)
  • Once you connect to your server, click the file cabinet icon on the bottom
  • Navigate to images and choose the file to upload

It’s actually pretty easy after you’ve done it once or twice. My thanks to Tony Adam for showing me how to save images from emails.


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By Michael Gray

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