Ultimate Web Developer Setup

Part 1 – Programs Every Developer Should Have

Word 2003 (Warez Portable Prefered)

Notepad++ (Latest Prefered)
Firefox (Latest Prefered) (FireFox 3 Final when released)


  • FireFTP (Latest)
  • Web Developer
  • Dom Inspector

WampServer 2 (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin and more)


  • Download the latest PHP 4.4.x package
  • Download the latest PHP 5.0.x package
  • Download the latest PHP 5.1.x package
  • Comes defaulty with PHP 5.2.6 which is good
  • Download Apache 2.0.63 and enable it, because it works with all versions of PHP.

Mozilla Thunderbird (Latest version Prefered)

Foobar200 MP3 Player (It’s a silent mp3 player that don’t touch your CPU at all which makes it very ultimate, you can find it here: http://www.foobar2000.org/ and many people get bored like the rest of us will when programming keep your self intertained)

PhotoshopCS or 7 (Theres a lot of torrents for these two, I prefer any of them)
MS Paint (Great for quick screen shots)

NOD32 (Very good anti virus, its incredible, just download the trial and get a patch ;))

uTorrent (For ebooks and what not, pretty decent usage)

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