Turn Everyday Photos Into Comic Book Glory

Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be cool if you could see life as an illustration in a comic book? For at least a little while? Of course it would be. While we can’t make real life look like a comic without illegal narcotics, we can make our photos look that way. So, come along fearless heroes and let’s turn your photos into something inspiring or diabolical.

First, just start with any picture (the more colors the better). I just grabbed this stock photo of a business dude on his phone.

Comic Book picture effect 1

We’re going to add a panel around the picture, much like you would see in a comic. Here’s the settings I used

Comic Book picture effect 2

and you should have this

Comic Book picture effect 3

Next, we’re going to create the illusion of ink outlines around our character. Take your polygonal lasso tool and trace all around your figure. Then create a stroke with 1pt, and on the inside. You should be left with this.

Comic Book picture effect 4

then do a bit on his face. For him I just inked his nose and chin.

Comic Book picture effect 5

Then I created the effect on his outfit, which required a bit more work than his face. Again, the results

Comic Book picture effect 6

Now, we’re ready to create our comic coloring effect. Select Filter >> Artistic >> Watercolor and then apply these settings…

Comic Book picture effect 7

Next, I created a text blurb which is easy to do using the circle marquee tool and the right text. So, be creative and make your own comic book photos.

Comic Book picture effect 9

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