Turn A Nice Happy Couple Into Some Gothic Horror

Step 1 – Find yourself a nice picture frame image, then figure out the dimensions of the image. Once you do that, create a transparent document that’s exactly the same size as the frame picture.

picture 1

Step 2 – Next, we have to find a happy looking couple to turn into a gothic nightmare. I like the picture in particular because it’s all white. Therefore it’ll be easier to turn crazy using a black brush. Sit the picture layer behind the frame, and move it around to fit in what you want shown.

picture 2

We’re going to go ahead and add some effects here. First you’ll want to add a dry brush filter, and the default settings should work. Then add an inner shadow with the following settings.

picture 3

Adding all of that should give you this result…

picture 4

Step 3 – It’s going to be hard to make a goth horror picture with white apparel, so we have a to find a change of warddrobe. Especially for the woman. I’ve decided to use this dress…


Using your polygon lasso tool, trace around the part of the dress you want shown. Then transfer to your image. Add that same dry brush filter from before, and you should have this.


Step 4 – Here is funnest part of the project. Find yourself a brush that can provide some mean looking gothic effects. The brush I thought provided the best looking effect was inside a waterfall brush back. So you never know where you’ll find a good brush.

From here just add effects where you think they’ll look the most creepy. I focused primarily on the mouth and the eyes. I also added some effects to the background of the picture.


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