Turn a Happy Day Into A Rainy One

Ok, first we need to find a picture of someone being happy. Since happiness reigns supreme on wedding days, I’m going to use this photo.

Picture 1

First, we need to add some effects to the main photo. Go into Layer –>> New Adjustment Layer — >> Curves and add this setting…

Picture 2

and finally we’re going to add an inner shadow…

Picture 3

Adding all of these effects you should be left with this now. Looking darker for this couple already, huh?

Picture 4

Now we’re going to add the background rain. Create a new layer and fill it with a light gray, or you can just use the 50% gray option.

Picture 6

Now, we’re going to really make the rain come to the forefront. First, we need to add a bit of noise.

Picture 7

Because we don’t want our picture to look like a broken TV set, add this motion blur.

Picture 8

Picture 8-2

Well, that doesn’t look like rain at all really. Just a gray background with some effects on it. We need to change some layer options here. Set the gray layer to:

Picture 9

and the final effect is the Maximum Filter. You can find it at Filter –>> Other –>> Maximum.

Picture 10

Picture 10

We’re reaching the final stages. We’ve created a cool rain effect but now we have to make it look as though the couple is being hit with rain. First, grab your polygon lasso tool and select all the way around the couple. Grab a paintbrush that looks to be moisture and paint so it looks random, use a light gray. Then finally add this blend option:

Picture 11

You’re final picture should look like this

Picture 12

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