Turn a Beer Green for St. Patty's Day

For a tribute to St. Patty’s Day I will show you an easy way to turn a beer green!

First download this picture

Open your beer picture then duplicate your layer and hide your previous one for a backup.

Get your pen tool

Make sure it is on these settings:

Duplicate your beer glass layer so you have 2 copies and our previous one that is hidden for backup.

Choose your top beer layer and start at the bottom of your glass and click around it to make a selection with the pen tool

After you connect your path around the beer right click on it and select “make selection

Now the first way I will show you to make the beer green is to bring up the color balance window by hitting ctrl+B on your keyboard or going to image>>adjustments>>color balance on your top menu.

In your color balance window slide the Cyan and Yellow all the way down and the green all the way up. Do this on the shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Here is my result from that

As you can see the bottom of the glass still has the reflection of the regular beer. I am going to use a different technique to turn the bottom part green.

Make a selection around the regular beer parts as usual except pick the green color we have on our beer now

Create a new layer above that and leave your selection like it is. Grab a brush and paint the selected area.

Set that layers blending mode to hue or color which ever one you think looks the best.

Once you do that you can keep painting in that layer on any other part of the glass without making a selection to put green on places you need it.

Now merge that layer down with the green beer layer by hitting ctrl+e for merge down.

Set your blending mode now to hue so it will blend in with the picture of our regular yellowish beer to look more realistic

Now my final image looks like this:

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