Trick 'r Treat Sig

With the recent release and popularity of Trick ‘r Treat, I thought I would celebrate October by making a sig for it.

Here are some images found on a Google for the Trick ‘r Treat that we are going to use:

Create a new project and size it 400px by 140px.

Copy and paste the image with the house and all the pumpkins into your new soon-to-be sig. Position it so there are more pumpkins at the left of the sig.

Copy the yellow part of the bedroom scene and paste it as well, in a new layer above the house scene.

Change the blending option to Color Burn in the Layers window. This will intensify all of the colors.

Copy and paste the Sam character from the other image.


Change the blending option in the Layers window to Screen. Use the Eraser, and a Soft Round brush to remove the space around Sam to reveal the background. Then, adjust the Levels CTRL+L so the same color intensity is in the character that is in the background.

Copy and paste the logo for the movie into your project. Resize it to fit and put it down in the corner.

Adjust the Levels CTRL+L of this as well, and increase the dark (left) slider to make the logo more vivid.

That was quick! Enjoy your new sig.

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