Trapped Woman

This tutorial will show you how to easily make it look like someone is crawling out of someone else’s mouth.

This is a very simple tutorial, making it very easy to do. You could use this effect to make it look like someone is trapped in a cave, or maybe a container of some sort.

We start with the man that is yelling/screaming.

Select all of the area inside of his mouth that would be located past the teeth.

Copy and paste this onto a new layer. We’re saving this for use in a minute.

On separate layers, copy and paste a woman’s head, and two hands.

Erase/delete all of the white space around these pieces.

Position the hands by rotating them with the transform tool CTRL+T, then erase any small bits of the hands that overlap the teeth. We want it to look like she is actually holding onto the teeth.

Copy the woman’s head and hide the layer.

Hold down CTRL and click on the layer we made with the inside of the mouth. This will make a selection around that piece.

Edit>Paste Into to paste the woman’s head inside of that shape.

Then position the woman’s head.

Add a new layer behind the hands, but above the face layer. Hold CTRL down and click on that mouth layer again to make that selection again.

Be sure your new layer you just made is active.

Use the eyedropper and select a darker color from the mouth/woman, we’re going to make some small shadows for some depth.

Use the Brush tool with a Soft Round brush smaller in size and paint around the edges of the hands where there would be shadows.

Now create another layer that will be behind the head. Use that same mouth selection and choose something close to black for the color. Do the same, behind the head as you just did for the hands.

Now use the Eraser with a Soft Round brush at about 20% opacity and go to both of those layers, lightly erasing some of the shadow that looks like too much. Click several times in one area to erase more.

Add a couple shadows here and there to your hands. Use the Lasso tool with a 5px feather, then adjust the Hue/Saturation. Drag the Lightness down a little to make it more shadowed.

Using the Burn tool again with a Soft Round brush, Range: Midtones, Exposure: 7%. Go over the picture a couple times to not only make the areas darker, but the colors a little more intense.

And lastly, select the layer with the guy’s face in it and adjust the levels a little to match the woman in his mouth.


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