Transforming Jon Hamm Into Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

If you keep up with comic book movie news, you’ll know that Green Lantern is speculated as the next big release from DC. He’s my personal favorite DC superhero. If it’s decided to have Hal Jordan as the main character of the movie (which it most likely be), then I see Jon Hamm being a great cast for the part.

So, today we’re going to turn Jon Hamm into a decent looking Green Lantern…have fun.

Green Lantern Pic 2 Green Lantern Pic 21

Step 1 – Instead of creating a new document, we’re going to instead try and find a good picture of Jon Hamm that we can easily transform. The one below is what we’ll be working with today…

Green Lantern Pic 1

Ok, next we’re going to crop out a section of the picture that we’re wanting to transform. Here’s what I decided on…

Green Lantern Pic 2

Step 2 – Ok, we’re going to start at the top and give him his mask first. Take your polygonal lasso tool Lasso Tool. Draw the shape of Green Lantern’s mask. If you’re unfamiliar with it, they’re plenty of pictures to copy from. Below is the general shape you want…

Green Lantern Pic 3

Ok, now fill it with a green color. You can load a Green Lantern picture and eyedrop in a color. Take an eraser brush that has a shadow effect to it. Run it along the outside of the mask just barely. This give a nice blend effect.

Use the the overlay blending option, and apply the effects below.

(Drop Shadow)
Green Lantern Pic 4

(Color Overlay)
Green Lantern Pic 5

Ok, for the next mask step grab your polygonal lasso tool again Lasso Tool. This time trace around both eyes and cut those parts of the mask out. You should have this…

Green Lantern Pic 6

Step 3 – In most of the renditions of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, his mask has white eye guards. So we’re going to create that effect. Yet once again, grab your polygonal lasso tool Lasso Tool. Trace around exactly where you cut out he mask previously. Fill both selections with white.

Then add these effects..

(Bevel and Emboss)
Green Lantern Pic 7

Green Lantern Pic 8

Then you should have this…

Green Lantern Pic 9

Step 4 – Now we’ll move on to the body of Green Lantern. Again, in most rendition of GL he has a Green chest, with most of the other parts of his costume being black. With the section we’re dealing with it will be all green.

Make a new layer on top of the bottom layer. Yet another time, grab your polygonal lasso tool Lasso Tool. With it, just trace around the body and make sure none of the suit is showing. Fill it with another similar shade of green as the mask. Set a plastic wrap filter to it with these settings:

Green Lantern Pic 10

Now, you’ll need a brush that looks like it’s eminating some kind of heat or air. Grab your brush tool and paint a slightly different shade of green around the suit to give it a glowing effect. Here’s what you should have now…

Green Lantern Pic 11

Step 5 – Ok, this next step is going to make our Hal Jordan look goofy. Find you a good chest picture, preferrably in black and white. Cut it out and fit it to align up with the picture we’re editing. It should look like this…

Green Lantern Pic 12

Now, we’re going to make his chest actually look green. Grab your lasso tool again, and trace around the edges of the chest.Fill it with another similar green color. Set your blending option to linear light, and your opacity to 92%. Then set your blending options to the settings below.

(Drop Shadow)
Green Lantern Pic 13

(Color Overlay)
Green Lantern Pic 14

You should now have this…

Green Lantern Pic 15

Ok, since we don’t want GL to show nipple like Batman & Robin’s batsuit, add some more brushes like you did previously. Give the suit more of a glow, and at the same time covering up the nipple.

and voila…

Green Lantern Pic 16

Step 6 – Now onto the final step, and perhaps the most important..the Green Lantern logo. This is actually the easiest part. First do the White circle. Just trace a circle, fill it with white and center it. Then add this blending option…

(Bevel and Emboss)
Green Lantern Pic 17


Green Lantern Pic 18

Ok, now it’s time to add the actual Green Lantern logo on top of the white. Grab a logo from any Green Lantern image you can find. Here I used a distort transformation (Edit >> Transform >> Distort). Then add these blend options…

(Gradient Overlay)
Green Lantern Pic 1

Green Lantern Pic 20

VOILA!, we are finished.

Green Lantern Pic 21
Can’t you just see Jon Hamm as Hal Jordan? Just imagine him saying the Green Lantern Corps creed:

In brightest day, in blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!

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