Transform Someone Into a Water Elemental

I am going to run you through a tutorial on how to take a regular picture with a person in it and make them look like a water elemental.

First download this picture of a woman in a bathing suit.

Next download these 2 images of splashing water

Now that you have your supplies for the image we will get started.

So open up your picture of your woman in a bathing suit, resize it to your liking.

I resized mine down just a little from its original size so it would fit in my screen

First thing you need to do is select the girl in the picture, I am going to use the
pen tool for this task, you can use the tool that is best for you. This is the most
time consuming part of the tutorial so just be patient and make it neat!

Now with your selection made copy her with ctrl+c and paste her back in the image
with ctrl+v.

Next I am going to use the plastic wrap filter on her by going to filter>>artistic>>
plastic wrap.

Use these similar settings:

Ok now she should already look a little liquefied

Next start new layer above her and hold down ctrl while clicking on the little icon
beside our cut out girl and it should make a selection around her.

Then fill in the selection with any color because we are going to add a gradient
overlay to it.

In your gradient overlay settings choose linear and click on the gradient. I picked
colors from the image as my gradient colors. I chose 4 different colors from the
bottom of to match the image

Ok now we want to make that image editable without the gradient so we can add the
overlay blending mode to it. So create a new layer under the one we just did with
the gradient and then click merge down or ctrl+E keyboard shortcut.

Now click back on your girl layer and go to image>>adjustments>>desaturate or the
keyboard shortcut shift+ctrl+u.

Here is my result from the previous steps

Now grab your water splash image one and cut out the top part of the water, with all
the smaller bubbles.. I am going to use my rectangle marquee tool for this. Make
sure when you put the image on your canvas it is below our gradient layer.

Drag the image into your canvas, rotate it so it fits over both legs, and size it down
to fit over them.

Now take your opacity down on the splash image to about 30 percent and zoom in real
close to erase the part we don’t need with a soft eraser brush.

Here is what I have left

Set its blending mode to hard light. Hit ctrl+u on your keyboard so we can adjust
the hue/saturation of the layer. On this layer just take the saturation down to
-79 but mess with it to get your desired result.

Then set your opacity on the layer to about 70 percent.

Now grab your other splash image and cut out the top part with your rectangle marquee
tool and fit it over the stomach area.

Set that layer to pin light and erase the parts you don’t want yet again.

Once you get that layer fitted hit ctrl+L on your keyboard to bring up the levels
adjustment. Take your middle slider and move it to the right

Then use your hue/saturation tool to effect it more.

Continue this process on the neck, face, and arms.

Now to make this image really stand out and look more realistic use the ctrl+click
technique on the preview icon to cut out our girl from the original image and then move it to
the left beside our water girl picture.

In your layers palette click on your original image with the water and mountain to select that layer. Then
hold down ctrl+click on the preview icon beside the image we just moved to the left. This will make a
selection around her like before except this time copy the selection from the original
image and paste it back on your canvas.

Move it above all your other layers but wait you don’t see it right? Well that is because
you haven’t moved the actual layer yet.

Move the layer on the actual canvas

Place it so it fits exactly over top of her. Set its blending mode to overlay.

After that you should start to see how we are going to make her see through since
she is made of water.

You see how the mountain does not look right in the picture we just cut out. Well
just erase that part because we will putt it back in.

Choose your original image again in your layers and grab the portion of the mountain
on the left of her with the pen tool or however you want.

Once you copy that move it above her and fit it to look like it goes with the other
mountain. Do the same with the mountain part on the right of her.

Now merge how many layers you made for the mountain together and add quite a bit of
blur to it. I am doing this because it would look blurry if you were looking through
water at something.

Set it to overlay and here is what I got

Do the same thing with the little patch beside her left arm.

That should finalize the cool look of this tutorial. I am going to add some
water dripping off her hands and be done! Thanks for reading!


By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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