August 19, 2017

Torture a Man and Stitch Him Up

Transform a man into a torture victim with a couple tricks and some basic tools.

Step 1: Put Him in Stitches

This man will soon have a life-changing experience.

The color in this picture is a little intense, so first thing we’re going to do is lower the saturation. CTRL+U and drag the Saturation slider down to -75.

Adjust the levels and intensify the image. CTRL+L and slide the sliders around until you get a nice effect.

Duplicate the layer (I like to keep duplicates of layers we’re going to alter in case we make a mistake – it’s good practice). Hide the bottom of the two layers.

Create a new layer over top of the man.

Use either the Pen Tool, or the Brush Tool and draw some lines/shapes where you want the stitches to go. This is just a guide to help us, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Download a couple packs of Stitches Brushes from deviantART.

After you install them, (you might have to save and exit, then reopen Photoshop for them to appear), go through and select a stitches brush.

Create another new layer, over top of the lines you made. What we’re going to do is create a new layer for each length of stitches, so if we need to we can edit them later on.

Change the color to black and stamp the stitches anywhere on your layer.

CTRL+T to transform, so you can skew and scale the stitches. Position them along one of the lines you made.

Then, stamp another set of stitches. Use a Marquee tool or a Lasso tool to select around your newest stitches. Then, CTRL+T to rotate, scale and skew if needed – match it up with the other stitches you already placed.

For each line of stitches, create a new layer, and then repeat these steps until everything is covered.

Be sure you switch up which stitches you’re using, you don’t want them to all look the same.

Step 2: How to Kill an Appendage

We’re going to kill this man’s pinky. To get a nice dead flesh look, select the Sponge tool to begin with. Soft Round brush, Mode: Desaturate, Flow: 50%. Scale the brush down so it fits neatly inside of the finger. Do a once-over with the brush.

If you want a little less color in a specific area, carefully going back in with the brush and absorb more of the color.

Now, select the Burn Tool, Soft Round brush, Range: Midtones and Exposure: 10%. Start at the finger tip and go over the finger several times.

Be sure to go along the stitches as well, and darken the area around the stitches, on both sides. You want it to look infected and rotting at the same time.

Use the Lasso Tool, with a 7px feather and draw a shape around the finger. We’re going to add some green/yellow color to the finger now. CTRL+U and up the Saturation a little, and slide the Hue slider around until you find a nice sick yellowy color.

Use the Eyedropper tool and pull some of the greenish colors from the finger and paint the fingernail, with a small Soft Round brush, 20% Opacity so you don’t coat it too quickly.

Step 3: Infect the Stitches

Since a lot of his skin is a little browner than it is pink, we’re going to add a little pink to it. To do this, select a bright red color. Using the Brush tool with a Soft Round brush and 10-20% Opacity, color up and down the stitches, on the man’s layer. You don’t want it too intense, we’ll do that later, we just want to add a little color to it.

Using the Burn Tool, go along the stitches on the man’s layer. We can to actually change the color of his flesh, and adding the red to it will help it more easily look infected.

Keep going along the stitches until you get a good dark color. Add some extra darkness in some areas.

While you’re at it, you can kill another finger if you want.

Step 4: Rough Him Up and Remove Some Skin

Find a large picture of raw meat. For this, I searched for “raw steak”. Cut out the meat and copy and paste it onto a new layer in our project.

Duplicate it a couple times and cover all of the space that the man’s body exists in. Move the pieces of meat under the man’s layer.

Now to make a skin-removal device, AKA the Eraser.

Select the Eraser with a Chalk brush. Go to the Brushes options and click on Scattering and Shape Dynamics. In Shape Dynamics, increase the Angle Jitter some so it produces more jagged edges. Change the Opacity to 9%.

To remove the skin without putting a huge awkward hole in his face, we’re going to start with a larger brush, and scale it down a little a couple times as we go over the same area. This will make the skin look more worn from the center of the area, and fade into solid skin.

Duplicate your current man’s layer, hide the original, and do your erasing to the new one.

Begin removing skin in one area to see how it works. Every time you click you’re going to remove 9% of the skin. So, as you continue to go over the same area several times, you’ll lose more skin and reveal the meat under the man’s layer. By exposing the meat, it’ll look like you have removed the top layer of skin.

Branch out and start removing the skin from other areas of his body: hands, ears, etc.

Keep going until you take all of the skin you want off of him.

As you go through, use the Burn tool occasionally to darken the shadows and such, to get a really rich looking picture.

Step 5: Roll Him in the Dirt

Do an image search for “texture” or “rust” or “dirt” and find a good large texture. Select the entire texture and copy it. Go to your man’s layer. Use the Magic Wand and select the white space. Invert the selection CTRL+SHIFT+I, then paste your texture into that space CTR:+SHIFT+V. This will automatically create a mask for it and only put the texture into the shape of the man. Now, if it is
now, move this layer above all of the others.

Change the texture layer’s blending option to Soft Light, in the Layers window.

Step 6: Make Him Look Like He Belongs

Find another large texture. Do a search for “wall” or whatever you like to put in for his background.

Select that white space again with the Magic Wand tool. Hit delete to remove the white area. While you still have the area selected, you’ll probably notice there is a lot of meat visible. Select each one of their layers and hit the delete key to trim them up.

Now, on a new layer under all of the meat, paste your new background texture.

Adjust the Hue/Saturation CTRL+U. Decrease the Saturation and decrease the Lightness.

Step 7: Some Final Touches

This poor man we have destroyed still has nicely manicured fingernails, and this just won’t do.

Take a large piece of the texture you put over his skin to make him dirty.

Select each of the fingernails, using whatever method you want with whichever selection tool.

Once selected, drag the selections down to the texture.

Copy the texture with these fingernail shapes. Hide your texture. Paste your fingernails into a new layer.

Position over the fingernails.

Use the Eraser and trim them up so they fit on the fingernail surfaces well.

Change the blending option to Multiply on the fingernail layer, and lower the opacity quite a bit. Use the Eraser with a lower opacity and erase some of the fingernail texture so it doesn’t look like the nails are completely coated.

Now, we darken the fingertips.

Use the Lasso tool with a 3px feather and select around a fingertip. Be sure you’re on the man’s layer, or this won’t work.

Adjust the Hue/Saturation CTRL+U and lower the Lightness to about -20.

Do this to each fingertip.

And We’re Done!

Hope you find this useful!

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