Top Free Mac OS X Apps

One of the great things about having a Mac, is the great software that supports it. Of course, your best quality programs, and apps will cost you money. However, there are some free apps out there that definitely worth your time. Here is a list of them, and why they can be so useful.


The StreamBaby app is useful if you have quite a bit of video on your Mac, that wish could be viewed in other places. It acts as a portal for streaming onto TiVo, and can doesn’t disappoint.

You can rewind, and fastforward past the buffer point, allowing for a great navigation of your videos. It has great compatibility with TiVo. If what you’re watching passed the streaming limit, it will cut off what you’ve already watched to allow TiVo to keep playing the file.



The Bullet app isn’t necessarily a very useful app. What it lacks in functionality, it definitely makes up for in pure simple fun. You can set this app to create a bullet hole on your screen every time you click it, and a gunshot sound will follow.

It can be just to use on your own, but the true joy comes from setting it up on someone and watching them click on their screen for the first time.



It’s hard to imagine, but with Celestia you can travel throughout the known universe for free. You can stick to the solar system which houses over 100,000 stars or you can go out beyond that.

Along with the main program, there are some fun and helpful add-ons to go along with it.



WakeUp allows you to remotely wake up a machine asleep. WakeUp lets you store name and Ethernet addresses of your machines, and wake them up when needed, i.e. when you need to access a file on a distant machine whose File Sharing is on, without having to physically access the machine to wake it up.


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