Top Apps For March

It’s been longer than a month since we last did an iPhone app post, so figured we’d look back on some of the great apps in March. There were some great ones to choose from. Here are the ones you should atleast try out…

Human Weather: This little app might not be a marvel in technical sense, but it provides a bit of fun to weather forecasts. Instead of listening to weathermen, fire this app up with provides forecasts from its users. It’s Twitter, meets weather. The community aspect of the app might not be for some, but trust me it can come in handy.

Slideshow Builder: Don’t be fooled by the name, this app is more than just grouping photos together and watching it go. You add effects as you see it, and take control of your slideshow with many other options. You can add in music, or even captions to accompany certain pictures. There are numerous effects, the most important being the Ken Burns effect.

iPhorest: If you’re down with the environment, and who isn’t these days? Then check out iPhorest. The app itself isn’t all that great, you get to virtually create a tree and watch it grow. The great thing is every time the app is downloaded, a tree is planted by the EcoLife, and iPhorest groups.

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